Fascial Massage Therapy  + CoAT - Course of Applied Tensegrity
Simple.  Direct.  Dynamic.

  • INTEGRATED APPROACH TO TREATMENTFascia weaves together various parts and pieces of anatomy, connecting them into a continuous whole.  The body functions and is treated as a whole, integrated unit.
  • LONG, SLOW, GENTLE:  Fascia responds to long, slow and gentle stretching.  Sessions are one hour, providing optimum healing time for your body to rest and restore.
  • TUNE-UP:  Fascia is considered to be the "tuning fork" for the energy body.  Fascial chains correspond with the meridian system and runs from head to toe -- yes, you are connected!
  • UNPLUG:  Your nervous system has been stuck on "fight & flight", causing pain and tension.  Fascial Massage Therapy + Applied Tensegrity enables the body to reset the nervous system to "rest & restore". 
Whether you want to complement your yoga practice, run like the wind, recover from injuries or simply rest and restore, Fascial Massage Therapy + CoAT - Course of Applied Tensegrity may be what you’ve been looking for.  

Simple.  Direct.  Dynamic.

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