Fascial Massage Therapy  
Effective.  Gentle.  Gets to the cause of your pain!

"Yes….it can be both therapeutic and relaxing!"

  • INTEGRATED APPROACH TO TREATMENTFascia weaves together various parts and pieces of anatomy, connecting them into a continuous whole.  The body functions and is treated as a whole, integrated unit.
  • LONG, SLOW, GENTLE:  Fascia responds to long, slow and gentle stretching.  Sessions are one hour, providing optimum healing time for your body to rest and restore.
  • TUNE-UP:  Fascia is considered to be the "tuning fork" for the energy body.  Fascial chains correspond with the meridian system and runs from head to toe -- yes, you are connected!
  • UNPLUG:  Your nervous system has been stuck on "fight & flight", causing pain and tension.  Fascial Massage Therapy enables the body to reset the nervous system to "rest & restore". 
Whether you want to complement your yoga practice, run like the wind, recover from injuries or simply rest and restore, Fascial Massage Therapy may be what you’ve been looking for.  

Linda invites you to explore the website and learn more about this effective, yet gentle massage therapy.

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