Treatment Gives Welcome Relief                                                                                                             
The Northern Sentinel,
Kitimat, BC (June 1, 2005, page 10)

At the hands of a unique type of massage therapy called myofascial release, three Kitimat residents gave brief accounts of the relief they experienced from their chronic pain, which had them singing the praises of Linda Sangwine, a Registered Massage Therapist from Vancouver who performed the treatment.


Kitimatian Michele Murdoch shared the costs with Sangwine to fly her to town for a three-day workshop recently. Murdoch - herself the beneficiary of

treatments that gave her relief from injuries sustained following a severe truck accident years ago - says the benefits to the people outweighed the price of the round-trip ticket.

"If I can sum it up, there wasn't one person that was unhappy," said Murdoch.

Everybody left here ecstatic."

John Bartram, Sherrie Gutfreund and Nancy McNab all underwent treatments and experienced welcomed relief from chronic hip and shoulder pain, as well as relief from headaches and improved circulation from myofascial release.


Myofascial release combines stretching and massage techniques as a therapist works to release tension from fascia, which are fibrous bands of connective tissue. Release comes from creating open pathways in the fascia and relieves connective tissue problems.

Bartram said that before going to Sangwine, his entire body ached, he had poor circulation in his  feet and hands and a sore hip.

“After my first session with Linda, the circulation returned to both my feet and hands," said Bartram. "My feet aren't cold anymore and the stiffness has gone out of my hands."

Bartram even experienced additional relief from his treatments. "I haven't had a headache for a week now," he said, and added normally I get one every couple of days, and my right hip feels much better."


Gutfreund had relief from her hip and shoulder pains from the massage and although she admitted the pain has returned due to working, she remains optimistic about the benefits of myofascial release.


"I would like to see (Michele) bring Linda up again," said Gutfreund. "I found the session to be very relaxing and appeared to help my pain." McNab however does not want to wait for Sangwine to return to Kitimat before getting another treatment. "I am going to Vancouver... and hoping to get another appointment before I come home," she said. "I feel so great after that last treatment it is unbelievable," said McNab. "For the first time I think my hips are lined up as I feel so straight. It is amazing."

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