Fascial Massage Therapy + COAT - Course of Applied Tensegrity is beneficial in treating:
* Repetivie strain
* Work and sports injuries
* Post surgical scars (c-section, hip, knee)
* Headaches
* Spinal discomfort
* Frozen Shoulder
* Plantar fasciitis
* Stress related disorders

During your session you may be treated in areas that you think are not related to your complaints or symptoms you are experiencing,. The whole body integrated approach to treatment is necessary when you recognize the nature of the 3-dimensional , interconnected fascial web.

A person presenting with complaints of chronic low back pain may also have contributing fascial restrictions in the neck due to the gradual tightening of the muscles and especially of the fascia. Optimal resolution of the low back requires the fascia of the head and neck to be released as well.,

Additionally, scar tissue puts a tremendous strain into the whole body and needs to be released. Abdominal scarring often manifests as neck, upper back and shoulder pain, often many years after the original surgery.

The techniques Linda uses can have a profound effect upon the body. These direct and dynamic techniques allow the fascia to soften, rehydrate and release, resulting in reduced pain and increased mobility. The nervous system unplugs from fight and flight, enabling the body to reset to rest and restore.