Communicable Disease Protocols


Arrive 5 minutes before your appointment time. COME ALONE. PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY.

Linda will meet you at the front door of the building. Linda will be busy cleaning after each client. If you come later than your scheduled time, the appointment will still end on time. She has put upgraded cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place. She will bring you to the treatment room directly, without having to go through the reception area by using the back door of her room.

If you are sick or have been with someone who is sick you will have to reschedule your appointment and follow public health guidelines.


  1. Masks are optional.  Linda will be wearing a mask. 

  2. Therapist reserves the right to to request all patients wear masks. Speak to the therapist about it beforehand if you have concerns.

  3. Wash HANDS before and after treatment. Sink right in treatment room. Hand sanitizer available.

  4. Wear SOCKS so your feet don't touch the bare floor

  5. Use the washroom at home prior to coming for treatment. The washroom is in a multi-tenanted building and cleanliness is NOT guaranteed. Emergency use only.


  1. INFORMED CONSENT REQUIRED. This is the time to ask Linda any questions before signing the form. On subsequent visits Verbal Consent is required and will be charted on your file.

  2. Any changes from last visit? Treatment plan. Your goals.

  3. Point of Sale machine has been updated so tap limit should go through (check with your bank to get your limit increased). You can also enter numbers manually on the POS. Cleaned after each use.

  4. WASH YOUR HANDS UPON LEAVING. You will be able to open building door using a shoulder bump

Linda is committed to your care. She will answer any questions regarding her own self-assessment. To reduce risk, Linda will wear a mask, scrub top and use nitrile (non-latex) gloves. She will wear goggles if requested. Sanitization of all touched surfaces in the room after each treatment is a priority. A vinyl wipeable cover has been put on the table, heating pad and pillows. Sheets go on top of the vinyl. Blankets are only available upon request. Paper towels and Kleenex are readily available. Laundry will be done with hot soapy water.