is a whole body, integrated approach to treatment and recognizes that tightness and restrictions in one area affect the entire body, often in seemingly unrelated areas. It treats the cause of the problem, not the symptom (Just because your neck hurts doesn't mean that your neck is the cause).

When you address the cause of the problem, symptoms resolve. Restrictions in fascia do not show up in standard medical tests.

Fascia covers the blood and lymphatic vessels, nerve fibers, organs, bones, muscle fibers and fibrils within the muscles, right down to the cellular level. Fascia is a 3-dimensional uninterrupted web from head to toe (Think Spiderman's suit).

Fascia is tremendously strong and exerts well over 2000 pounds pressure per square inch (some studies show 50000 pounds). When fascia becomes contracted/restricted from injury, trauma, posture, repetitive strain, scar tissues it creates temendous pressure, often resulting in pain and limited movement. Because fascia is so strong you cannot expect to bring about structural changes by pushing/forcing. What is called for is a lifting/pulling of the fascia. The skin is the densest of fascia, so pulling/lifting is what is required for effective treatment. A gentle yet firm pulling/lifting allows the therapist to more accurately effect the fascial restrictions.

Direct. Dynamic. Effective.