Read: Treatment Gives Welcome Relief

I'm also a fan of deep massage and shiatsu, so when Linda began to treat me I remember thinking -- how can this little pressure be doing anything for me? But at the end of the session I felt more loose than I had in ages.

Upon meeting Linda for the time time, I could feel an inner serenity radiating from her. Her warm smile and relaxed demeanour show signs of an inner strength and gift that she uses to achieve an environment of calmness, health and well-being.

Linda, Your concentration, intuition and skill in my 3 sessions helped me through the acute episode with my back. I feel less of a need to "hold back" as I resume my regular routine; knowing that I have an ally in restoring balance. Thank you.

As a runner and triathlete my body is prone to tightness and this can lead to injuries. Before starting to see Linda, I seemed to keep injuring various muscles and tendons in my legs. The Myofascial technique Linda uses loosens up all the tight spots and I have been much less prone to injury? When I have had injuries Linda's help has sped up recovery significantly. More importantly her warm welcoming style immediately puts you at ease!

I like it when I am there with Linda. I rest. When I leave I feel relaxed, open connected. When you're with me, deeply present I am free to let go. And letting go, opening doews feel GOOD. You are a healer and so I learn to heal myself. I know it's not something you do to me but something that I relax into when I'm with you.

Thank you dearly for helping to mobilize my left shoulder and hip. I truly appreciate your warm magical hands.

I feel great. I feel energized. I feel loose. I feel inspired. I feel so good! I had a marvelous sleep last night. But what I feel is a focused and clear good!

Undescribable peace.