This plan was developed with the goal of reducing risk exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 for both patients and therapist within the treatment setting.  Here, we identify the actions that therapist, Linda Sangwine, RMT commits to, andall visiting patients must commit to, in order to resume massage therapy services.

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets through the eyes, nose or throat if you are in close contact.  It can be spread by touch if a person has used their hands to cover their mouth or nose when they cough.  That's why we recommend you cought or sneeze into your arm and wash you hands regularly.

Source:  BC Center for Disease Control

The overall aim of these protocols is to reduce potential coronavirus transmission by:

  • Required ongoing self-assessment for signs of Covid-19 related illness in both the patient and therapist

  • Reducing all physical, non-treatment related interactions amongst all people withhin practice environment

  • Hand hygiene requirements

  • Avoiding face touching

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols

  • Appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Meeting professional obligations, particularly related to informed consent and liability insurance.

Self Assessment for Symptoms of Covid-19:  For Patients and Therapists

Pre-screening Prior to Arrival

One day prior to their booked appointment, the patient will be reuired to complete the BC COVID-19 Symptoms Self-Assessment tool and to stay home if they experience any symptoms of Covid-19.  Please VERIFY that the self-assessment has been done and the results.

The tool can be found here:  SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL

The therapist will send an appointment reminder the day before the patient's booked appointment.

The Therapist will use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment tool daily and commits to cancelling all appointments if symptoms appears.

Appointments will be cancelled immediately if either the patient or therapist presents with symptoms that may be signs of Covid-19 such as:

  • Fever or chills, cough or shortness of breath, sore throat or pain with swallowing, stuffy or runny nose, loss of sense of smell headache, muscle aches, fatigue or loss of appetite.

Patient must commit to understanding that while the therapist has taken all possible measures to minimize risk of transmission, the nature of massage therapy means that physical distancing is not possible in treatment room.

  • In order for massage therapy treatment to commence the therapist and patient must agree that therapeutic benefit of massage therapy outweighs any potential consequences of treatment, including the possibility of viral transmission

  • Patient must confirm that they have not been in contact with anyone displaying illness, or signs and symptoms of Covid-19 within 14 days prior to treatment

Patients with higher risk profiles and/or weakened immune systems should consider alternatives of care and postpone treatment.

  • The patient and therapist must both agree that benefits of massage therapy outweigh potential risks involved.

  • Patient who develops even mild illness or symptoms should cancel booked appointments, even without notice.  They will not be charged late cancellation fee if they cancel due to illness.

Upon Arrival

  •  Upon arrival patient must confirm they have done a pre-screening and have no signs of COVID-19 as outlined here:  COVID SYMPTOMS

  • Masks must be worn at all times within the clinic space.  Patients are asked to supply their own mask and wear it when they arrive.

  • Upon entering the office patients must immediately wash their hands in the sink provided.  Soap is provided in a touchless dispenser.  Paper towels for drying.

  • Please plan accordingly and use your bathroom at home/work before you arrive.  Available if necessary.

  • Patient is asked to avoid touching their face during appointment.  Hands must be adequately washed before touching anything else in the clinic.  The treatment will be cancelled immediately if the patient does not meet the pre-screening criteria upon physical presentation at the clinic.

Physical Distancing

Entry into treatment room

  • Only 1 patient/person is permitted in the treatment room at any given time.  Patients must arrived unaccompanied, except for minors who require an adult signature of others requiring assistance.

  • The therapist is the only other person who will be in the treatment room throughout the duration of the patient's appointment.

  • Therapist and patient will both maintain a space of 2 meters (6 feet) distance between each other aside from the treatment.

  • Anything which has been touched in the treatment room will be cleaned after each patient.

  • Appointment times are set to reduce the potential of patients crossing paths, and to allow time in between appointments for enhanced cleaning.

  • Patient is required to wait outside the building or in vehicle until the therapist comes to building door to call them in.

Treatment room door will be opened for the patient by therapist and will be lockied behind them to prevent anyone else from entering the space during the course of their treatment.  The treatment door will be re-opened by therapist at the end of the appointment for the patient to leave without touching the door knob.  Paper towel to be givent o open building door or do shoulder"bump".

Within the Treatment Room

  • It is not possible to maintain physical distancing while in treatment room.

  • Patient will be asked to keep all personal belongings in the designated areas inside the treatment room

Restroom for Patient Use (NOTE THE FOLLOWING)

  • As this office is in a communal building, it is recommended that you use the washroom at home prior to coming for appointment.  Washrooms are cleaned on the days the Therapist is working.  Because this is a communal washroom for the building, the washroom may NOT be sanitized between each use

  • Restroom has been equipped with soap and towels and proper hand washing guidelines.

  • Patient may use a paper towel to open door.  Discard after use.

Hand Hygiene

Entry into clinic space

  • Immediately upon entering the treatment room the patient must go directly to hand washing sink without touching anything inside the clinic and wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds then dry thoroughly

  • Therapist will wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds before anf after each patient, before and after cleaning spaces and handling cash.  POS machine available tap and go.

  • Hand washing protocols will be posted visibly at the sink.

  • Patient must avoid touching anything that is not necessary in the clinic

  • Patient must wash hands after the treatment.

In the Treatment Room

  • Therapist will open door to treatment room and allow the patient to enter.  Therapist will open/close the door before, during and after the treatment is required - reducing the need for patient to touch the handle.

  • Socks to be worn

  • A plastic tray will be provided to place all personal belongings.  Chair cleaned after each patient.

  • Patients are asked to avoid touching any surfaces that are not necessary for treatment.

Enhanced Cleaning

  • Additional time has been scheduled between patients to allow for thorough cleaning of treatment room.

  • Surfaces will be cleaned.  However, patients should be aware that the washrooms may not be disinfected after every patient as this is a common building area.

  • All high touch surfaces in office will be cleaned and disinfected between patients, regardless of appearances.  High touch surfaces include (but are not limited to):

  • door knobs, table surfaces, including chair, faucets, any pens used, etc.  All linens and hand towels will be appropriately laundered between each use.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Therapist will wear a face mask, non-latex gloves, scrub top for each client

  • Therapist will wear goggles if requested by patient

  • Patient to wear a face mask in clinic at all times, even during the treatment.  If patients have their own fabric or disposable face mask they are advised to bring them.  Patients encouraged to supply their own.

  • If patient arrives without a face mask there will be some available.

  • Patient who refuse to wear a mask will be denied service.  These patients are encouraged to speak with therapist about it before hand to discuss the matter.

  • Therapist reserves the right to demand all patients wear masks.

Informed Consent

In the current environment of Covid-19 risk, informed consent requires that the patient be informed and understands that:

  • Any massage therapy treatment involves some risk of Covid-19 transmission.  The therapist is following protocol to help reduce or mitigate risk where possible, but that risk cannot be to zero

  • The patient consents to the treatment despite some risk

  • The RMT will document the patient's consent in advance and at every treatment.